Modi slams Opposition at U.P. rally
The Hindu | 21 Jul 2018, 17:45 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took a dig at the “unwanted hug” he received from Congress chief Rahul Gandhi in Parliament, and said the coming together of many parties against the BJP will only help the ‘lotus’ bloom.


Modi’s reference was to the coming together of several opposition parties in support of the no-confidence motion moved by the TDP in Lok Sabha on Friday.

The BJP-led NDA government on Friday defeated the no-confidence motion moved against it by the Opposition and initiated by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) after a 12-hour debate that sketched the contours of the 2019 electoral face-offs.

The final figures stood at 325 with the government and 126 against, with no abstentions.

“We asked the reasons for their no confidence but when they failed to give it they ended up giving an unwanted hug,” Modi said, referring to Gandhi’s embrace.

Addressing a Kisan Kalyan Rally in Shahjahanpur, Mr.

Modi said the coming together of several parties against the BJP will be an opportunity.

Slamming the opposition parties, he said they were running after the Prime Minister’s chair, ignoring the poor, youth and farmers.

He used a Hindi expression that translates to more the parties, more the marshy land in which the ‘lotus’ blooms.

“If one dal (party) is added to another dal, then it becomes dal-dal (marshy land) which is favourable for ‘kamal’ to blossom.

Asking the people if they were satisfied with what happened in Lok Sabha, he alleged that the opposition parties only had their eyes of the Prime Minister’s chair.

“Are you people satisfied with what happened yesterday in Lok Sabha.



Have you come to know who is at fault.

They are not seeing the poor and the country but have their eyes only on the PM’s chair,” he said.

“Have I done anything wrong.

I am only working for the poor and the country.



fighting corruption and this is my crime,” he said.

Accusing previous governments of not having the will to help farmers, Mr.

Modi listed the key decisions taken by his government for welfare of farmers and criticised the parties who ruled in the past for lacking pro-farmer intentions.